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The Hong Kong Public Libraries organises a large-scale reading activity for children, Summer Reading Fiesta. Parents and children are encouraged to read together in summer when joining these vivid and fun reading activities.

Summer Reading Fiesta 2019: Activities
Summer Reading Fiesta 2019: Cultural Performances

Summer Reading Fiesta 2019: Reading Talks

Summer Reading Fiesta 2019: Reading Activities

Summer Reading Fiesta 2019: Workshops   

Summer Reading Fiesta 2019: Youth•Reading Together  

Summer Reading Fiesta 2019: Book Exhibitions             

Download Summer Reading Fiesta 2019 Programme Leaflet - Hong Kong Central Library

Download Summer Reading Fiesta 2019 Programme Leaflet - Other Public Libraries

*Cultural performances, talks, reading activities and workshops will be cancelled when typhoon signal No.8 or above, or the Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted or remains hoisted 3 hours before the starting time unless otherwises specified.